Dissemination of Completed Project

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1."Eco Friendly Road Technology - RBI Grade 81 Natural Soil Stabilizer" by Alchemist Touchnology Limited

2. "Development of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete Precast Elements" by Annamalai University[PDF](3.05 MB)

3. "Designing of Fly Ash Composites in Building Materials for Energy Conservation & Shielding Applications" by National Physical Laboratory and Amity University[PDF](2.03 MB)


4. Project On-Synthesis of Polymer Nano Hydrogel and Development of Hybrid Waste Treatment System Using Cavitation Technique and Hydrogel by NIT Warangal  


5. Development and Demonstration of nano-sized TiO2 based Photo-Catalytic Oxidation Technology for Controlling VOCs by IIT Kanpur

 6. Waste Minimization in Moradabad Brassware Industries Clusters by TERI

 7. Waste Minimization in Small Scale Industries  by NPC