Items of Work Handled

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  • Planning of the construction activities in H.Q. office of various buildings scattered across the country.

  • Construction & monitoring of the various works through the field staff stationed at Delhi and out side at Dehradun, Bhopal,   Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Almora.

  • Maintenance of National zoological Park at New Delhi.

  • Vetting of the various estimates of the buildings & other infrastructure proposed to be constructed by the agency other than Civil  Construction Unit (CCU) i.e. either by CPWD or any other department.

  • Compilation of comments of CC & EFC memo pertaining to Ministry of Urban Development.

  • Developing alternative materials to avoid use of timber in buildings including utilizing the same in various buildings being constructed by the  CCU unit.

  • Introduction of photo-voltic cells in place of electric lights for street lights.

  • Introduction of Energy efficient lights in place of conventional fluorescent lights in Hostels, Guest Houses etc. for saving  the   energy.

  • Introduction of Solar Water heating system in Hostel Buildings for  heating water.

  • Introduction of Solar Tubes which is a Daylight system.