World Day to Combat Desertification

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World Day to Combat Desertification,2016

The World Day to Combat Desertification is annually observed on 17th June with an aim to strengthen the visibility of the dry lands issue and to highlight the need to curb desertification process.


The theme of WDCD 2016 celebration was “Inclusive cooperation for achieving Land degradation Neutrality” with a very emphatic and compelling slogan “Protect Earth. Restore Land. Engage People.” This slogan clearly emphasizes on the importance of comprehensive participation and cooperation of the people in working towards achieving Land Degradation Neutrality. Though land is a valuable and limited natural resource, it has been an overlooked component in sustainable development for years. It is time we change this, and therefore the clear emphasis should be on importance of inclusive cooperation to restore and rehabilitate degraded land and contribute towards achieving the overall Sustainable Development Goals.


WDCD had been celebrated for past many years by the Ministry with an active support/participation of the line ministries and other scientific organizations. This year WDCD was organized by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) at Arid Forest Research Institute (AFRI), Jodhpur. A series of events involving schools children, farmers, members of forest and management committee, scientific communities, government officials and non-government organizations were organized on the occasion.

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World Day to Combat Desertification,2015

The World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD) is observed worldwide every year on 17th June, since 1995. In 1994, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 17 the "World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought" (General Assembly Resolution A/RES/49/115) to promote public awareness of the issue relating to international cooperation to combat desertification and effects of drought. Since then, Parties to the Convention, organizations of the United Nations System, international and non-governmental organizations and other interested stakeholders have marked this particular day with a series of outreach activities worldwide. This is a unique occasion to remind everybody that desertification can be effectively tackled through strengthened community participation and cooperation at all levels.


The theme for this year’s celebration is “Attainment of food security for all through sustainable food systems” and the slogan for 2015 WDCD ‘No such thing as a free lunch. Invest in healthy soil advocates a multi-faceted approach for tackling hunger - from economic development, nutritional intake to managing natural disasters.

On the occasion of WDCD 2015, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) organized a series of events involving schools children, practitioners, multi-lateral & bi-lateral agencies and private sector at the Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, New Delhi.  

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