Brochure on items of work handled in various Divisions and Sections of Ministry of Environment and Forests


June 2003




a)                 MoEF is the nodal Ministry for Management of chemical disasters in the country. HSM Division takes care of this mandate and lays down procedures and safeguards for accident prevention, preparedness and mitigation.

b)                 Lay down procedures and safeguards for handling hazardous substances: hazardous chemicals, hazardous wastes and Solid Waste Management.

c)                  Prepare and notify rules on hazardous chemicals, hazardous waste and Solid Waste and monitor their implementation.

d)                 Help, create and sustain infrastructure in the States for implementation of all the rules gazetted under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 on hazardous substances.

e)                 Prepare and issue updated version of the Red Book - The Central Crisis Group Alert System (CCG).

f)                    Prepare and publish guidelines, on various issues connected with hazardous chemicals and waste.

g)                 Render help in establishing Emergency Response Centres (ERC) in the States.

h)                 Prepare and undertake schemes to assess hazard potential of industrial pockets - a five year scheme on industrial pocket wise analysis is underway.

i)                    Undertake a scheme for training of various categories of personnel in the area of accident prevention, chemical database and legislations. Seven institutions have been identified for this purpose.

j)                    Inventorisation of isolated storages of hazardous chemicals.

k)                  Preparation of data base on risk prone areas.

l)                    Setting-up of Hazardous Waste Disposal facilities in all States where significant quantities of hazardous wastes are generated.

m)               Establishment of  a  Regional Training Centre for implementation of Basel Convention.

n)                 Setting up Custom Laboratories at all important Ports and capacity building of Custom Officers for checking contraband trade in hazardous chemicals / wastes.

o)                 Cleaning up contaminates sites to reduce risks to environment, people and natural resources.

p)                 Adoption of environmentally sound practices in ship dismantling

q)                 Proper management of bio-medical waste, municipal solid waste, plastics wastes,

r)                   Need lead acid batteries, waste oil, fly ash, etc.